We know that some people seem to bounce back from challenging events with relative ease — even thriving after negative events — while others crack and crumble.

This is resilience.

What we want to do is help you bounce back and gain resilience.

Let us help you find ways to gain resilience

In order for us to direct you to what might be a good starting point for you, tick as many of the following statements that you feel best describes you and/or your situation at this time.


There may be various things you want to change or actions you want to take. You may find these familiar.

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Techniques that may help manage your HIV status

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What is Resilience?

Being diagnosed with HIV, telling your partner or partners, family, friends about your HIV status, dealing with rejection, having a child or children while being HIV positive, taking medication regularly and many more are not just small things. You don’t exist in a bubble unaffected by HIV as much as you might like to!

How you deal with these challenges is greatly helped by the support of people. The way you see and deal with the world and its challenges is a big part of how you respond to these challenges. You may have dealt with HIV and then after an event like pregnancy or finding someone that you really like, previous worries may return. Dealing with being HIV positive is an ongoing process, it doesn’t just go away once you are undetectable or fully out as HIV positive.

We aim to bring you a collection of tried and tested strategies for you to put aside some time, whether it be five minutes or 20 minutes, for yourself to build the ability for you to positively deal with events and set-backs. You can pick and choose what you would like to try and see if it works for you. The Be Resilient programme is designed for you to skip to the part that you want to work on first, for example, Sleep. Within the programme, we have some short stories from HIV positive people at all stages of being HIV positive and we have some useful facts relevant to building your confidence and resilience. 

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Welcome to Be Resilient!

by Paul Storey
posted on 24th February 2017

This website is designed to introduce you to various techniques which may help build your resilience and improve your wellbeing.