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Change how you feel about yourself

The hunger for change is nothing new. It’s easy to believe that you have changed substantially in the past, experiencing significant personal development, but to think that this won’t happen in the future. People believe that they won’t substantially change in the next few years.

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The idea is that revisiting and reconstructing your past, is easier to do than to build or visualise a new one. You fall into patterns and ways of thinking about your past which affects your decision making for the future. What you should do is acknowledge the past and be mindful that you have changed substantially in the past and will in the future.

Being HIV positive is a change. There’s a period of adjustment when you get your bearings and try and figure out what it means for your future.

Being HIV positive is not an end to your future. It only defines you if you let it. You will continue to change substantially. Try these exercises, talk to other people who you respect, get in touch with counselling, join groups…every one of these steps is a positive step towards changing.

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