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Fix your motivation

Motivation is you telling yourself that you need to do something or be something.

Telling yourself that you want a better body is not going to get you a better body. Actions resulting from your thoughts lead to the result.

I want to be healthy > I am exercising > I am achieving being healthier

But what if you cannot motivate yourself?

Break down a task

You may find it useful to break down a task that you are not motivated to do.

For example, cleaning the house seems boring and a daunting task but wiping down the kitchen surfaces, piling up clothes to be washed, putting shoes away are small tasks that can be done over a week but collectively makes you feel like you have achieved something and it be easier to do the rest.

Surround yourself

Surround yourself by people you like and understand your situation, like HIV support groups.

Social rejection can be a big issue, people who feel rejected can lose their desire to try as it feels like no one would care either way.

Consider ways to distance or remove yourself from situations where you experience social rejection. This type of negativity will only impact and compound the way you feel.

Better eating and drinking

Eat and drink better.

If you skip breakfast this will reduce your ability to make decisions. Your brain still needs energy from food to work properly.

Drinking alcohol means your body is “distracted” by trying to remove alcohol from your body which takes away energy from normal functions and your ability to keep motivated.

Try to eat a healthy, balanced diet but don’t deprive yourself of the things you like and enjoy occasionally. Just be aware of enjoying these in moderation.

Reduce your decisions

Try reducing the decisions you make in one day and ask for help or support.

Making too many decisions stresses you out. When you are running low on mental energy after making lots of decisions, your brain looks for short-cuts and you splurge on cake, buy things that are not needed…your self-discipline fades.

Write down what decisions you need to make even the small ones then write down which day you will make that decision then don’t think about it until that day.

If you are constantly thinking about a decision and putting it off then that mental energy disappears. Space out the decision days and you should feel like you are able to keep motivated.

Try the exercises to help clear your head and focus on what is important.

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