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Relax and be able to switch off

Ever had a weekend when you fill it up with lots of things to do and then get annoyed that the weekend went too fast, not allowing you to feel relaxed?

We get caught up in letting the decisions pile up, over thinking everything or overdoing social media.

Establishing boundaries

We could give you practical tips such as switch off your phone at night, limit social networking and computer game time or hobbies such as gardening or reading a book.

However it may also be useful to look at why you cannot switch off properly. Is it work? Social life? Family life?

We are usually guilty of poor boundaries, bringing work problems home and not being able to fully switch off meaning that any tension is still present. 

The same happens for family life, like being worried about children while you are working rather than focusing on work.

It happens. It is nothing to beat yourself up about. 

But when it becomes most days and you can’t fully switch off then something needs to be done. It may be useful to have a rule at home that, if coming in from work, you are allowed to talk about your day within the first half hour and then stop talking about work.

Set clear boundaries and that may help you feel more able to separate the two.

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