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Talk about HIV with other people

Talking about HIV to others (aka disclosure) is a very personal thing.

People who choose not to disclose their HIV status to other people are no more likely to suffer from depression or anxiety, to have difficulty adhering to antiretroviral therapy or to have worse HIV outcomes.

Disclosure was thought to be hugely beneficial however the evidence from a large survey of UK based HIV positive people says otherwise. Your HIV status is yours and you decide when and who to tell. 

Telling people about HIV

Telling someone that you are HIV positive means you are giving up information that could potentially be shared with other people. You can tell but you can’t make people forget usually*.

If you are open about being HIV positive then sometimes that bites you on the bum if people use that information in a way that you didn’t want.

*Please note that Aidsmap has more in-depth resources on disclosure including legal aspects, please click here: Aidsmap


The benefit is that you may not feel as tense trying to watch your words and outing yourself if you aren’t hiding something.

It may be that you will have a weight lifted off your mind.

However you will need to think carefully about who you want to know and be mindful that you are giving up control of this information.

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