The following are resources which have helped some positive people manage their HIV status.  Be open minded and try the techniques and keep trying and practicing. 

Positive Affirmations

Why is one person sad – the other happy? Why is one person fearful and anxious – the other full of faith and confidence? Certainly the way...

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Breathing Techniques

Breath is essential to life but what we may not realise is that the mind, body, and breath are intimately connected and can influence each other.

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Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT)

Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) is a talking therapy that can help you manage your problems by changing the way you think and behave. It is a...

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Visualisation is a variation on traditional meditation / relaxation. 

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Coping with change

Change – positive or negative, planned or unplanned can be difficult to cope with because it often puts us in unfamiliar and uncomfortable...

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Meditation & Relaxation

A relaxation/meditation technique is a method, process, procedure, or activity that helps a person achieve an altered state of awareness.  The aim...

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Mindfulness is an ancient eastern practice which doesn’t conflict with any religious, cultural beliefs or traditions.  Nor does it conflict with...

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